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Port Muziris

A Tribute Portfolio Hotel

Commemorating the golden era of Muziris and its rich and ancient heritage, the Port Muziris, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel, nurtures the definitive mosaic of cultural influences common to the legendary port, its enduring and unifying appeal relevant in today’s global culture. The hotel architecture, embodying the myths of the ancient multi-cultural port, highlights the external influences of various cultures including the Portuguese, Dutch, and others in a distinctive blend with traditional Kerala architecture.

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Port Muziris Concept

Historic, Cultural & Artistic

Port Muziris, positioned in the region synonymous with the ancient port, evokes the same effusive welcome that greeted the mariners and traders of yore. Meticulous care and attention to detail have given birth to a unique interior styling, wherein art forms a dominant part of the visual experience. Here contemporary modern art pays homage to the culture and traditions of Kerala.

The charming repertoire, created by young artists from the land of ancient Muziris, features multiple media like art, mural, and photography to bring to life ancient and present-day life of the region, including visuals of Muziris based on an alluring mix of facts and imagination. Besides, the public areas, the restaurants, the kitchen, and the rooms also incorporate the seminal influences of the Muziris spirit, creating a cosmopolitan ambience bringing people together through impeccable hospitality.

In essence, Port Muziris, a Tribute Portfolio hotel, exemplifies the sensory experience that Muziris evokes as the historic gateway to a verdant land. In every traveler, it conjures an idea of Kerala, each distinct and different, creating an anticipation unlike no other.
Chairmans Message

A very warm welcome to Port Muziris, India’s First Tribute Portfolio Hotel by Marriott!

Port Muziris is a dedication to the legacy commemorating the vibrancy of the historical port city of Muziris. A vibrant trade destination and an important stopover along the great Spice Route, Muziris was the destination for ships from an estimated 40 countries around the world.

Three different religions - Islam, Christianity and Judaism entered India through the Muziris port and enjoyed the warm welcome and gracious hospitality of the local Hindu community and co-existed peacefully with them. Muziris was globalized through trade and rooted in different cultures. Port Muziris, a Tribute Portfolio hotel commemorates this rich and ancient heritage, combining cultures and encapsulating the spirit of the port city evoking a welcome like its past days.

We have always been a big supporter of Kerala's tourism sector and we are proud to create this gateway to the heart of Kerala through Port Muziris. I hope you have a pleasant stay and we look forward to hosting you at our other properties in the future.

Yours sincerely,
Chairman LuLu Group International

The Inner Ambience

Port Muziris nurtures the definitive mosaic of cultural influences common to the legendary port. It depicts the vibrant culture & history together with the diverse flora and fauna of the state.

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