Port Of Muziris - Art

Explore The Taste Of Kerala.

Lila's Kitchen

At Lila’s Kitchen, sumptuous food welcomes guests for all the three meals. The menu, inspired by world cuisine, also has native recipes that burst of global flavors that are a blend of perfectly balanced aroma and spices, all made from the finest ingredients, locally sourced. The food here is served in Tapas style- putting a whole world of cuisine on a little plate, bringing people closer. Hailing from the ‘land of spices’, the food here is richly flavored and entices the palate of any food connoisseur.

The residential buffet features two live stations - an egg and a dosa station, both offering a peek into the lively kitchen when in use. Beautifully adorned with interior pieces that serve as cold and dessert counters, Lila’s Kitchen is a kaleidoscope of sensational flavors. A combination of buffet in the morning, a-la-carte lunch and dinner, makes the food service here perfectly suited for any leisurely eating experience.

The Kettle Tea Lounge

The Kettle features an eclectic drinks menu—including tea and coffee featuring the best of the local flavors, besides a mix of new and old world favorites topped with local snacks and quick nibbles. The mood is informal and relaxed under the gaze of old portraits that evokes a connection with the local history.

"You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food"