Port Of Muziris - Artist Profile

Sreejith P A


About - Sreejith P A

Sreejith is an illustrator who works with both digital and traditional medium. Luckily, he found art as a child and has never looked back since. Drawing inspiration from music and people, he specialises in portraits. His art with its bold strokes and vivid colours is a mix of the realistic and the abstract. Other than his art, he’s known for his sarcastic humour and love for biryani. For the Port Muziris project, Sreejith decided to work around the theme Belonging. He felt it was an idea most people would relate to, because no matter what, you will always have a sense of belonging for the place you grew up in; one that does not really require a plethora of reasons or much explanation. From the piece that marks three major landmark spots in Kochi (Reminiscence) to the one that illustrates the sheer tenacity of Keralites during the 2018 floods (Against All Odds) and the one that maps the iconic sites of Muziris (Mapping), the artwork in Sreejith’s Port Muziris series intend to create that very sense of belongingness in the viewers.

By Sreejith P A