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Sachin Samson


About -Sachin Samson

Hi, I’m Sachin Samson. Here’s my story so far: I’m a visual artist who wants to change the spectrum of visual art in India. My life as an artist began in Kochi Kerala, where I used to draw and paint with my father, XXX Samson.

Right from a young age, I realized by biggest strengths were my creativity and ability to create art with the same. I joined a design college after my schooling at Assisi Vidhyaniketan Public School and this experience helped me zone in on the discipline I wanted to get into - which was visualizing and animation. Through the process of animation, I was able to improve my sketching and storytelling narratives via art. I wanted to broaden my horizons and did not want to relegate myself to just animation, as the process was time consuming. Post my foray with animation, I started illustrating as it was a convenient medium for my passion for storytelling within a constricted time period. The past few years have seen me illustrate so many different types of sketches and artwork that has helped me push boundaries and discover myself as an artist.

What inspires my art? A bit of everything but my biggest inspiration is from everyday life. I try to relate to it and take some influences from it for my art, be it my thoughts, my moods or even my characters! My challenge is that as art is always an ongoing process that requires constant practice and I try to separate my emotional state from the intelligence aspect, as I’m trying to create art for others as well.

I believe that our bodies are mechanical vehicles, fuelled by emotions. This fuel can sometimes be categorized as anger and sadness and my biggest fear is one day, this vehicle could stop functioning. To keep myself motivated, I have formulated my own design philosophy - a mix of aesthetics, virtuosity, profanity, sublime. Together, they will help me explore the spectrum or spectra that is visual communication and my dreams.

What are my preferred techniques? As a millennial, I have always had a symbiotic relationship with technology. To create a dissimilar tenor between the analog and digital world is simple. However, the tools to create the same were part of the Earth and will always be a significant part of it. I try to take advantage of the opportunities presented to me in the form of these tools to create art and entities that are powerful and magnificent or thought-provoking. It’s so easy to get pulled into the whole world of “digital art” and forget our roots, especially as artists. I got into digital art the moment I got out of college and was restricting myself to just that form of creation. I took a conscious call to give up the romance of an oil painter and explore this form of medium, which was nascent. However, once in a while I do throw some paint to get the old arms loosened up and keep the traditionalist in me alive. While I’ve worked on digital for almost seven years now, my ultimate goal has become clearer and clearer in the process - Explore the whole spectrum of visual art with my choice of contraption, the Tilt brush. What’s the favourite part of my work? The process. I love leaving room for spontaneity, experimentation and discovery. With one line, you describe space; with two, you describe form and with many lines you create a complex labyrinth that lights up with colour. It’s so much fun starting at nothing and looking back once you’ve reached an entirely new destination through your art and that’s what I love the most.

By Sachin Samson